Leak-Proof Gasket & Ring

If you have a bathtub, you have a leak waiting to happen. Standard overflow gaskets made of rubber will rot out over time, leaving you with leaks that are hard to spot until they've done severe damage. Replacing a rubber gasket takes time and involves opening up the wall behind your tub to fix. BlueVue's revolutionary leak-proof gasket solves those problems and more. Installing it is as simple as removing your face plate and slipping the gasket into the overflow pipe. Screw the gasket into the existing mounts in your overflow, no need to remove your old gasket. It bridges the gap between your tub wall and the overflow pipe, making leaks a thing of the past.

- Intended for two screw/double screw mounts

- Not usable with single screw mounts, see BIG sizes with dark blue gaskets

The original, patented BlueVue leak-proof gasket with an aluminum ring and bar, outer diameter 2 15/16". This is our standard size designed to work in most bathtub overflows that are secured with two screws. 



Regular price $ 11.99

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