BIG Leak-Proof Trip Lever Gasket and Strainer Kit

The BlueVue leak-proof trip lever and gasket kit is now available in our larger size! Still made for the standard overflow, the increased diameter allows the user to quickly and easily cover up unsightly rust damage around the rim of their overflow. This kit includes the gasket, cover, cotter pin, screws, and dome cover needed for installation. Tutorial videos are available on request.


This kit includes:

BIG 3 1/4" zinc alloy trip lever face plate x 1

1/4" x 2" Stainless Steel screw x 2
Brass pin x 1
Aluminum bracket without bar x 1
Dark blue leak-proof silicone gasket x 1

Stainless Steel dome strainer x 1

2" Stainless Steel strainer screw x 1





  1. Video: 3 different types of drains
  2. Text and video: Perfect Fit Gasket installation.

Regular price $ 27.29

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