Shower Stopper (water dam)

If you have a shower that leaks water the base, but not the budget to buy a whole new base, this product is for you! Like other BlueVue products, this was designed for use by professionals and DIYers alike. Simply remove the adhesive from the bottom and arrange the Shower Stopper wherever you need to prevent waterflow. When delivered, it is 60 inches in length, but can be cut down to the size that fits your shower. The removable end caps allow for a professional-looking end result.
Due to popular demand, BlueVue has begun producing these collapsible, convenient shower dams! Made of silicone, this lip is easy to cut to size, stick down with included adhesive, and use. 
Our shower stoppers come at a length of 60" and a height of 1 1/4". 
Available in almond or white.

Regular price $ 48.00

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