Leak-Proof Face Plate Gasket Kit

BlueVue's revolutionary leak-proof gasket is now available with deeper covers! After your quick and easy gasket installation, this cover is designed to fit directly over the gasket and attach with one screw (included). Its deeper size allows for better water flow into the gasket and its stylish design fits in with almost any bathroom aesthetic. Installation videos are available on request.

- Intended for two screw/double screw mounts

- Not usable with single screw mounts, see BIG sizes with dark blue gaskets

This is BlueVue's regular sized leak-proof face plate gasket kit. One of our most popular items, this is the kit that put BlueVue on the map.

This kit contains:

Leak-proof zinc alloy face plate x 1
1/4" x 2" SS screw x 1
Aluminum bracket w/bar x 1
Light blue leak-proof silicone gasket x 1




» See FAQ, installation instructions, and videos

Regular price $ 17.99

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