Leak-Proof Face Plate Gasket and Flip Top Drain Kit

This all-in-one leak-proof kit from BlueVue makes redoing your drain and overflow quick and easy. It includes our patented leak-proof gasket, a cover plate for your overflow, and a drain. Snap-in flanges allow you to simply push the drain into place with adjustable tabs. Instructions are included, but tutorial videos and personal help are available on request.

- Intended for two screw/double screw mounts

- Not usable with single screw mounts, see BIG sizes with dark blue gaskets

This is our patented leak-proof face plate gasket kit, but it also includes a flip top drain stopper.

This kit includes:

Leak-proof zinc alloy face plate x 1

1/4" x 2" Stainless Steel screw x 1
Aluminum bracket w/bar x 1
Light blue leak-proof silicone gasket x 1

Non-thread flip top drain with snap-in flange





» See FAQ, installation instructions, and videos

Regular price $ 29.76

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