Toilet Armor 200G

Toilet Cover, with Anti-Slip silicone prints on top and PVC prints on the bottom, with an insert pouch (insert material is not included). 

Toilet Armor is an affordable way to avoid costly toilet and toilet seat damage that can lower your profits. 

This REUSABLE & WASHABLE toilet cover is designed for contractors of all trades! It is made of high-quality thick, durable fabric coated with polyurethane and features a slip-resistant top with a strong grip made of rubber. Toilet Armor features double stitching and is reinforced to ensure a long life. 

Show that you care and respect your customers by safeguarding their toilet. They will be impressed by your professionalism. Toilet Armor is a premier choice among professional contractors because of its high quality materials and affordable pricing.


Sale price $ 39.95 Regular price $ 46.95

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